In which we have a bonus post

on June 30, 2014

Quick Monday post to say Happy Blogiversary to Kindles & Wine! In honor of their two years of book bloggery, they’re doing a huge giveaway–check out the goodies they have up for grabs! Also, we’ve got great questions lined up for August’s blogs; keep them coming! You can leave them in the comments here–remember that…

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In which it’s almost reader question time

on June 26, 2014

Oh, August is always my favorite month on the blog because it’s the month when YOU get to ask questions and have them answered! I did notice that we’re a little short on blogging days in August–the month starts on a Friday so that pushes our first entry all the way to August 5. So,…

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In which I really, really don’t like to cook

on June 24, 2014

Sometimes I mind it less than others, and I am a devoted reader of cookbooks. But the day-in, day-out repetition makes me want to scream. And dealing with that when I’m on a deadline leaves me whimpering and fetal under the kitchen table. So, what’s a writer to do? I’m in the process of putting…

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In which it’s hotter than the hammered-down hinges of Hell

on June 19, 2014

Chickens, I don’t know about your corner of the cosmos, but where I live, it’s boiling. We seemed to have blown through spring and plunged straight into triple digit heat index with its attendant horrors. It’s too hot to even think these days, so I’m compiling some of my very FAVORITE summer indulgences. Enjoy! First,…

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In which lots of things are afoot

on June 18, 2014

So I delayed Tuesday’s blog entry until today because first, Tuesday was my birthday and I wanted to be lazy, but MORE importantly, I knew that today there would be some fun things to share. Today, the first three Lady Julia books are featured in the Kindle Daily Deals at Amazon! That’s SILENT IN THE…

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In which I’m working

on June 11, 2014

on SECRET THINGS. Which is not the name of my new book but instead refers to things of which we must not yet speak. Cryptic enough for you, poodles? Anyway, I was poking around the archives and found this post about my various favorite things. I loathe being asked about my favorite anything because HEY,…

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In which we’re addressing voice

on June 5, 2014

I’m currently in NYC where I’m busy researching–poisons for everyone!–and making my second appearance at Lady Jane’s Salon, but I thought I’d repost these two blog entries that address questions from aspiring writers on how to refine voice. I had a question earlier this week from a reader and aspiring writer that I thought might…

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In which we have a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST

on June 3, 2014

Dear ones, I am in NYC right now, but I’m THRILLED to turn the blog over to my fabulous pal, Lauren Willig. She’s an amazing writer, and–lucky for us!–her newest book, THAT SUMMER, launches today! She’s dropped by to give us an exclusive excerpt and a giveaway, so huge thanks to her for taking the…

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