In which it’s that time again!

on July 30, 2013

Every August I like to shake things up. Usually, I turn the blog over to the readers. This is the time for you to ask questions about the books, writing process, favorite lipsticks, whatever you like. This year, we’re starting August with a bit of a twist. Posts for the last two weeks of August…

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In which sometimes you need mentors

on July 25, 2013

Or gurus. Or sages. Or wise women. I find occasional doses of wisdom and positive energy are absolutely essential for keeping my equilibrium. Here are a few of my favorites. Most have books, and some even tweet. Sarah Ban Breathnach. From SIMPLE ABUNDANCE, her life has taken an interesting turn. There are loads of object…

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In which we have a bonus post

on July 24, 2013

Alright, it’s royal baby chat–last post on the subject, but if it’s not your thing, see you tomorrow! So, I had a wee bet with the fabulous Molly O’Keefe over the baby’s gender–which I lost. But then I immediately challenged her to double or nothing on the name and WON. If you break down the…

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In which OMG, where have you been??

on July 23, 2013

Oh, wait. I was gone. Sorry about that. Anyway, been beavering away at a variety of projects but everything came to a screaming halt yesterday for the arrival of Baby Cambridge! I was hugely excited at the prospect of a princess who would be heiress apparent being born, but let’s be real–he’s healthy, they’re happy,…

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In which we’re chatting about comfort reading

on July 23, 2013

Comfort reading comes in many forms. There are almost as many varieties of comfort books as there are readers, and no one has the claim on perfect comfort reading. Except me. No, REALLY! I think books we read for comfort ought to be easy. There shouldn’t be thorny thickets of prose to hack your way…

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In which I am writing

on July 16, 2013

Oh, yes, yes, I am! I have to tweak a novella coming out in the autumn, write a new novella, and plot out the novel I’m starting August 1, so this week I’m taking a brief hiatus to labor in the word mines. If you were able to come to Turn the Page this past…

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In which this week has been ALL THE CRAZY

on July 11, 2013

Oh, chickens. If anything could convince me I should never, EVER do “Survivor”, it was this week. I am a creature of conveniences, and I’m so attached to my devices and my air conditioning and my electric kettle and my flushing toilet, I’m not even ashamed to admit how useless I am without these things….

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In which we’re catching up

on July 10, 2013

Ah, alas–missed yesterday’s post due to circumstances beyond my control. Which is a formal way of saying we had electricians here who cut our power for ten hours and I was without electricity, internet, water, or hope. But all is restored and it’s time to catch up, chickens! First, a quick reminder that this Saturday,…

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In which you might want a signed book

on July 4, 2013

One of the pleasures of being published is getting to meet readers and sign books for them–and one of the woes is never being able to meet them all! But there is a remedy at hand, chickens. On July 13 I’m signing in Maryland at Turn the Page in Boonsboro. Oh, and Nora Roberts will…

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In which it’s all about meditation

on July 2, 2013

Do you meditate, chickens? I confess I’m a fickle practitioner. I know I should; I always feel better when I do–centered and grounded and all those other New Age words that sound a little woo-hoo but simply mean I feel more at peace. I have experimented with the props, the incense and candles and eye…

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