In which I am in restore mode

on June 27, 2013

This post was originally published in June 2009. I will be back to blogging afresh next week. I am doing a system restore of myself. The last year, in particular the last six months, have been challenging and demanding ones. I love my work–LOVE my work–and would never complain about it. But it is also…

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In which I am on deadline

on June 25, 2013

Darlings, it’s deadline time. My revisions for CITY OF JASMINE are due July 1 and I’m pretending they’re due on Friday instead so I can thoroughly enjoy the start of the Tour de France this weekend. (I’m back to writing first thing Monday morning, but I thought a wee bit of sporting treat might make…

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In which I’m still paring down

on June 20, 2013

I’m still paring down around here–interesting in that I’m doing revisions on CITY OF JASMINE so I’m tightening up the book while I’m tightening up everything else! I hauled four bags of clothes out of my closet the other day, and that wasn’t even a proper clean-out. Articles on decluttering always tell you to take…

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In which I’m pondering lightness

on June 18, 2013

So yesterday I turned 45. It seems like a benchmark birthday–the next round number is FIFTY, after all. But I got carded last week by a girl who thought I was in my thirties and I’m feeling better than I have in years, so 45 is absolutely fine by me. I’ve never done “birthday angst”…

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In which we talk summer reading lists

on June 13, 2013

What is it about summer that makes me want to create a proper seasonal reading list? I suppose it was the library programs that charted my progress every year as I plowed through the children’s section, notching up bricks in the yellow brick road chart the librarians issued at the start of each summer. I…

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In which I am back!

on June 11, 2013

Have returned safe and sound from New York after some really lovely events. Reading at Lady Jane’s was a deliciously harrowing experience–it’s been literally YEARS since I’ve done a reading and I forgot how knee-knocking the process can be. (Spotlight, stage, microphone. Eek!) But the group there is so wonderfully welcoming, it made the nerves…

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In which we have collage

on June 6, 2013

Reader Nancy asked me to post the collage I made for A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS. I had absolutely forgotten to do this, but the collages are one of my favorite parts of prepping for a book, and I’m so happy she asked. They are always slapdash–I have learned that putting them together quickly is…

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In which Jude’s name came up

on June 4, 2013

Reader Jill had a question about Jude: Will she get her own book and will her first husband return? Oh, this is going to be one of those wildly unsatisfying answers that feels very cryptic and covered in secret sauce. First, I would LOVE to do Jude’s book. I think she’d make a very interesting…

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